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  • Impasse Update Mayor’s Resolution Package
    To HFD Family: (Please see attached PDF) The Mayor of Hialeah has issued his recommendations (orders) to  the city council that will eventually resolve our impasse. As you will see by reading the first three pages the mayor disregards any recommendations by the special master and wishes to simply “Impose his will”. As the City Council  has the legal right ...
  • Attention Hialeah Retirees,
    Attention Hialeah Retirees, If you have ANY documented injury (no matter how long ago) during your career or have been disabled please read the following:   We have discovered that the City of Hialeah has mishandled MOST of these cases by: – Providing improper Impairment ratings – Assigning no impairment rating   – Making employees buy time when disabled, etc. – As well ...
    All your Documents CLICK HERE  
  • Hypertension or injured on the job?
      To all active and retired employees: Hypertension or injured on the job? If so, contact me, Mike Cofresi, and make sure you have received your correct impairment rating.  I can be reached at mikeco@bellsouth.net.



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