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Welcome Hialeah Fire Retirees.

  • In Loving Memory of
  • John Riley
    I just want to say thanks to all  involved in getting and keeping this website running. Please keep up the good work. John Riley
  • Paul De Young – Old – Retired
    Many of us are pleased that the local has finally moved forward on an active website for both active and retirees….Well done.  My thanks to the Union Leadership and for Craig’s efforts. I’d like to address the membership, both active and retired regarding Brother Michael Wright.  As we all know, Mike is headlong into his battle ...
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    This forum is for all retirees that don’t want to be mainstreamed and want to be in there our corner. Posts on this page will stay on this page. Follow instructions for Posting: Click on the +New on top of page than click post.  Enter you title that content.  On right side check retiree’s corner than ...