Impasse Update Mayor’s Resolution Package

To HFD Family:
(Please see attached PDF)
The Mayor of Hialeah has issued his recommendations (orders) to  the city council that will eventually resolve our impasse.
As you will see by reading the first three pages the mayor disregards any recommendations by the special master and wishes to simply
“Impose his will”.
As the City Council  has the legal right to impose on the articles listed before them, it will likely show disdain, disregard and disrespect for the same people they could call to save their own lives.
For the same individuals they love to take pictures with.
For the same individuals they “use” for their own projects and events.
No date has been set as of yet but I will immediately relay it to the body when it is.
Again to reiterate the process:
From here we must set a date for the public hearing.
That means when we, the city attorneys, and our legal council are all available we will meet.
1 hour presentation for the city
1 hour presentation for the union.
The council will then discuss the issues and can make a motion to change the conditions of what the mayor recommended. (Ordered)
We will leave that night knowing what will be imposed on us if we don’t ratify it. (Vote in favor or against  a 21 day process)
If we accept  it we obviously have a contract, if not, when we report the vote has failed it’s automatically imposed. The council schedules a first reading and then a second reading to legally change the retirement ordinance and only then will the retirement changes take effect.

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