Attention Hialeah Retirees,

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Attention Hialeah Retirees,
If you have ANY documented injury (no matter how long ago) during your career or have been disabled please read the following:

We have discovered that the City of Hialeah has mishandled MOST of these cases by:

– Providing improper Impairment ratings
– Assigning no impairment rating

– Making employees buy time when disabled, etc.
– As well as other things

If you have had a medical issue stemming from your work related injury/illness or your injury/illness has progressed, you may be entitled to a new impairment rating. This means that The City owes you money! Some retirees are owed over $100,000 and the City HAS TO PAY! This is non-negotiable and penalties and interest are also applied to untimely payment.Contact Mike Cofresi at if you would like him to look into your personal case.  There is no obligation for you to act or direct cost to you for this service. Again this is completely free, if you have any doubts or questions, contact Cofresi and ask.

Thank you for your time,

Mike Cofresi

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